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Learning to Promote My Art

February 23rd, 2015

Learning to Promote My Art

I remember when I was in my 20's and I finished a book of about 20 songs I had written. It had been a huge project to write out manuscripts for each song, with melody lines and chords. I then had gone to the copy shop and had copies printed, and thus created a song book. An older man who was a friend of mine then said, "So how do you feel now?" I replied that though it had been a big project, I realized that I still wasn't much farther along the road to being "known" by anyone. I knew I still had not attracted the attention I needed to "make it."

Now I find myself in a similar boat with my art. I have practiced. I'm pretty good at what I do, especially watercolor portraits. I have been commissioned by a number of people to do portraits, and have sold several other pieces. I have a Facebook fan page with over 2,000 fans. I have a nice set of pages here on Fine Art America. I have a personal website which highlights my art. Many local people compliment me on my art. Has this resulted in any real financial success through the avenue of using my art skills? No - not yet. I've made progress; but now I need to learn how to market myself.

The main question is, can I find the answers I need? Will I have the confidence I need to move forward, and be able to use my art skills to help provide for my family? I am hopeful the answer will be yes. I will keep moving forward. I will persevere.

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